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     Lore's Anvil is a metaphoric tool for how I craft my stories and ideas.  Story making can usually feel like hammering a stubborn piece of red hot iron; straining to get its shape just right.  So I felt it good to name this website after that idea.   


     For years I've created art and developed my own ideas and stories, but I have never published anything.  I have spent a great deal of time and effort at improving my skills and it has taken a lot longer than I thought it would.  Now that I am pleased with the quality I can achieve, for the most part, I felt I could happily share what I make.  This site is how I am making my first efforts at sharing my creations.  It will host stories I write, comics I produce, and my art in general.  I do have plans to publish actual novels in the future, through real publishers, and those will likely not be hosted here.  However, illustrations and other concept art for projects like that might very well be on display in the gallery.  There are a lot of stories I hope to create and I hope you enjoy what I have on display.  If at times my work flow seems slow, just understand I have a lot of projects to work through and I'm just one man right now.  I also try to take good care of myself and keep with a normal sleep schedule, however tempted I am to work twenty-four hours straight and accomplish a ton of work.  Yes I've done that many times, but don't recommend it.


     So all of you reading this and visiting my site; I hope you enjoy my stories and take good care of yourselves and those around you.  God bless.   

What is Lore's Anvil?

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